Opfer vom Fukushima Atomkraftwerk 2011 e.V.

The Association for the Support of the Victims of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster 2011

The thoughts of the German airline cabin crew go out to our Homeland JAPAN

We extend our heartfelt sympathy to the people who suffered loss as a result of the Tohoku Earthquake and we pray for the swift recovery of the region.

Noone can answer the question how low level radiation affects the human body during long term exposure. However, many authoritative scientists around the world are concerned about the possibility of damage to  human health caused by  radiation.  It will be necessary to monitor the situation over many years to come. Many scientists are worried about the possibility that this might lead to severe changes in the genetic code of the humans effected. The health damages expected, will not show tomorrow, they will show in the second or third generation. Therefore we need to think about long term care for the people. There are things that we too can do to help these people. We would very much appreciate your support.


ON 11th March 2011, the world was shaken by news of the TOHOKU EARTHQUAKE and the huge TSUNAMI which triggered the FUKUSHIMA nuclear power plant disaster.

Immediately after its occurrence , those who suffered as a result of the earthquake and tsunami were greatly assisted by the swift and heartfelt response from people around the world who provided provisions, donations and relief activities.

At the same time, we turned our attention to the support  likely to be required in the future which no one at that point had considered.

We regarded the damage caused by the  earthquake and tsunami and the damage that resulted from the nuclear power plant meltdown as separate and independent happenings. Over the next 10, 20 and even 30 years we need to keep an eye on the effects the radiation may have on the local people’s health.

One of our important roles is to prepare the way for today’s children and to help them in the future also.

We, the Lufthansa cabin crew, alongside our airline’s pilot, have taken up the challenge of establishing an association to provide long-term support for those who suffered loss and their families.

The law office MAYER BROWN cooperated in the provision of pro bono support and advice for the benefit of  our association and helped us establish a tax exempt vehicle through which we run the association

The organization was finally established as 


Opfer vom Fukushima Atomkraftwerk 2011 e.V.

The Association for the Support of the Victims of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster 2011

* PRO BONO is the term used to describe volunteer activities by those persons who use their specialist knowledge and experience to contribute to society.

Verein (= e.V.) is an association or organization which is recognized by German Law as a corporate vehicle which may be run on a tax exempt basis. A FUND is also legally managed in this way. However, the differences are as follows.   A FUND is able to use its Interest, whereas an  e.V. is able to use its capital raised from its supporters.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the

contribution made by law firm „Mayer Brown“


The Content of our Activities and the Associations Objectives.

The association pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes within the meaning of the "Beneficiaries tax purposes" of the Tax Code (AO)(Germany).

The purpose of the association is to provide  long-term support to victims of the Fukushima disaster. This assistance includes long term support for those afflicted people who are financially in need.

The principal activities are as follows:

  1. - medical treatment for affected people who are exoeriencing financial


  1. - assistance to cope with daily life

  1. - measures to eradicate prejudice toward disables people in Japan

  1. - the maintenance of contact between organizations and groups in

   Japan and the European Union dealing with the consequences of

   the nuclear reactor disaster in Fukushima

  1. - cooperation with and support of associations and organizations with

   the same or similar non-profit or charitable purposes

Why we chose  a Tortoise shell as our Logo.


There is a proverb in Japan which goes as follows,

    “ A crane lives for a thousand years and a tortoise for ten thousand.

The tortoise is respected as the symbol of a long and auspicious life.


There is an old Legend about  INAWASHIRO-KO, which is located around the center of FUKUSHIMA Prefecture, that relates how a giant tortoise with a large shell measuring 8 jo (=8 Tatami / 1 Tatami is about 1.7m2)  protects the lake as a protective god.


The legend of the Tortoise supporting the world with its hard shell exists in India and Greece too and is also symbolic of something fixed and immoveable.


Following the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, there were more cases amongst the local people of damage suffered to the thyroid gland than any other complaint. . In Japan, we use the Chinese character 甲 as part of the compound of characters making up the words “Thyroid gland”. This is also the case in the German language where the word “Schilddruese” means thyroid gland .( and “Schild” is the word for tortoise shell)


The  reason why we chose the tortoise as our Logo is because it symbolizes health and long life.

Recent News:

Fukushima is disappearing from the news. The disaster, which once dominated news topics, is now mentioned only occasionally. But again and again, startling new facts come to light.

Even the southern part of Germany suffered damage from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986.  The effects of the radiation are still felt even now after 30 years.

Although it is repeatedly pointed out that so far no one has died as a result of exposure to radiation in Japan,  the long-term consequences are not recognized today.

Many internationally recognized scientists have expressed their concern about the possibility of damage to health caused by radiation.

We hope you will support us in our efforts to make the long-term outlook for these people more tolerable.

We have attached some informative links to our Web page. We also have an updated Nachrichten with the latest news provided by the editor of Tagesschau .Please feel free to use that information.

We apologise for the fact that currently most of the information we are able to provide is in the German language only.

How can you help?



==Resident in GERMANY & other EU Countries ==


You are welcome to send a donation


* Please state “Donation” on your payment reference

*  Please contact us if you will get a „Spendenbescheinigung(receipt) “ in accordance with the German law (Only for resident in GERMANY)


<<Bank details in GERMANY & EU>>


Account name:                  Opfer vom Fukushima Atomkraftwerk 2011 e.V.

Bank name:                       Volksbank Mittelhessen

KTO(account number):     15913509   

BLZ(bank code):               51390000 


IBAN Code:                       DE43 5139 0000 0015 9135 09

BIC Code:                         VBMHDE5F




==Resident in JAPAN ==


You also are welcome to send a donation


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<<Bank details IN JAPAN>>


**transfer from YUCHO GINKO (Japan Post Bank )**


Account sign & account number :    00820-7-183386

Acount Name :     Fukushima genpatsu jiko ni yoru higaisha shien no kai

                               ( Opfer vom Fukushima Atomkraftwerk 2011 e.V.)


**transfer from other Bank**


Bank name  :            YUCHO GINKO

Bank number :          089

Account type:            Current account (TOUZA)

Account number :     0183386

Account name:         Fukushima genpatsu jiko ni yoru higaisha shien no kai

                                  ( Opfer vom Fukushima Atomkraftwerk 2011 e.V.)





Thank you very much  for your great support.


President               Klaus Merle

Vice President       Yuko Hidai-Merle

Secretary               Ayako Arai

Cashier                  Toshinori Arai

For legal reasons we have to point out here that the translation of the German text is an inofficial translation. For any mistakes, missunderstandings, or any other item leading to questions in the English translation you have to refer to the German text. Only the German text is  legally binding.